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Landlords – how to avoid paying your tenant’s bills

October 9, 2009

In our ‘real life’ office [Gorgeous Homes, a bricks and mortar property management company] we get to see property management from all sides – yes, our ‘boss’ is the landlord – but our ‘customer’ is the tenant and it is critical to keep everyone happy.

One way to ensure everybody is happy and stays happy is to make sure landlords and tenants pay their own bills and there is no confusion.When a tenant moves into a property they are usually very excited – it is a new beginning for them – a new adventure. Likewise, landlords are happy as their property has got some good clients who will be covering the mortgage!

So often though, people forget the boring details…like changover of utilities! I know it sounds simple – but you would not believe the amount of landlords and tenants who assume the other side is dealing with this [and they’re not] and invariably 4 months down the line a huge bill arrives and nobody wants to pay it!

To ensure we all keep happy – landlords need to accept and assume responsibility for the changeover [or if they have an agent they must do it]. The simpliest and easiest way to do this, is on move in day. When you are getting your inventory ready note down the meter readings with the date next to it, get a photograph of the readings and get the tenants to sign them off. Then, email the companies with a copy to yourself and tell them the final readings, the new tenant contact details, move in date and ask them to amend their records.

The key people you need to contact are:

– Electricity

– Gas

– Water

– Council Tax

You can easily find contact emails by googling the company in question. But do ensure you copy yourself as you would not believe the amount of companies that claim they never received it – that way you always have proof!

Hope this helps! ā€“ Bringing people & property together

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  1. October 10, 2009 9:37 am

    One thing that I have endless problems with is tenants who move out earlier than the end of the tenancy (typically because they want to move an a weekend even though the tenancy finished mid week) and end utility bills on the date they moved out rather than the date that they cease to be responsible.

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