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5 simple ways to improve your Rental ads

September 5, 2009

You may have a great property to rent out, but if you don’t represent it well in your ad, you may not get as many replies as you should. With just a little effort, you could boost your response rate, and hopefully have a new tenant in no time. Here are a few simple tips to improve your ad:

1.    Picture it
You know the cliché ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’? Well, it’s true. Our research tells us that people are twice as likely to reply to your ad if it’s got pictures. So make sure you have some fab pictures which show your property to its full potential.

You can upload a maximum of 3 pictures to each ad on, so make full use of that to show clear photos of various areas within your property. Here’s another tip: don’t forget to tidy up the place before taking photos!

2. More is more: give all relevant details in your description
It certainly doesn’t help to have a one-liner description of your property. You don’t have to write a long essay, but remember to include all important details: number and size of rooms, transport links, distance to supermarkets, pubs or schools, whether all bills are included, length of tenancy offered, whether you take a deposit …the list goes on.

The easiest thing to do would be to put yourself in a prospective tenant’s shoes. What kind of information would you need if you’re looking for a place to rent?

3.  Make yourself available – and reply to them quickly!
Make it easy for people to get in touch with you. We have a ‘Contact’ button which instantly emails interested tenants – make sure you reply and keep the conversation going so that you can do the deal.

4. Pimp your ad

Make sure your ad has stand out appeal by using a sexy description – we’re not suggesting you make it more than what it is – but promote the benefits and really think about the buzz you can create. If you’ve got great city scape views – say it!

5. Check out the competition

If you’re still stuck for ideas, have a look around at other ads on, Rightmove etc for some inspiration and to see how other people are presenting their properties. At the same time, check out their prices. If you’re asking for considerably more rent than others, you may not get as many replies as you’d hoped.

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